Where can I buy Fluffables™?
Fluffables™ are available at fine retailers everywhere. Keep an eye out, because different Fluffables™ may be available at different retailers – you’ll have to keep your eyes open to collect them all.

Do all Fluffables™ move?
Only certain Fluffables™ move on their own! Currently, Gumdrop and Taffy are the only Fluffables™ ‘with motion’. Motion Fluffables™ don’t require a battery – just pull them back, let go, and watch them wiggle and zoom across the room.

How do I make a Fluffables™?
Wrap the fluff around your finger and scoop it up with the stylus. Push the stylus into the Fluffables™ body and pull out – the fluff will stay in! Add ears, tail, eyes and nose before you add your fluff. Each kit comes with easy illustrated instructions to show you how to make a funny Fluffables™ all your own.

When I brush my Fluffables™, some of the fluff comes out.
That’s ok! When you brush your Fluffables™, some fluff might fly out and his fur will get really wild – this just makes him fluffier! Use scissors to trim the fluff to clean up your Fluffables™.

How many Secret Accessories are there?
We are always adding more secret accessories. You can see the entire list, and play the Mystery Wheel game, on the accessories page!

How many Fluffables™ are there?
Fluffables™ are always popping up everywhere! Check out our Fluffables™ page to see which characters are currently available.

Are Fluffables™ ok for little kids?
Fluffables™ are for kids 6+. Due to small pieces and a function sharp point on the stylus, this product isn’t appropriate for kids younger than 6.

Are Fluffables™ tested and safe?
ORB™ takes safety seriously. Our products are tested by independent testing labs to meet EN71, ASTM, and, as of February 10 2009, CPSIA standards for child safety. These standards are generally considered the most rigorous in the world and are recognized by toy industries and government agencies globally. ORB™ considers it mandatory to guarantee the safety of the children that use our products every day.

If you have any further concerns or questions, please contact [email protected], or call 902-477-9570.

Thanks for your support and attention to this important issue.